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With our Stock System you Invest like a PRO – and earn like one too!

The average investor decides to buy a stock he (or she) “feels good about” regardless of price. If that stock price falls dramatically for any reason, the investor is immediately seized by a “doomsday scenario”. The once desirable, valuable stock is suddenly perceived as being just a hair’s breath away from being valued at zero, and the investor is convinced that he will end up in ruins. So he sells at a loss and takes a tremendous financial hit.

The professional investor, on the other hand, buys when an appealing stock is at its low point — “on sale,” so to speak. When everyone else is out, he gets in. Inevitably, the stock rebounds, analysts recommend it, and “average” investors line up to buy it at its all-time high cost. When everyone else is in, the professional investor gets out…selling at a profit and moving on to the next “sale”

The Stock Picks System is much more than just a system for picking stocks. We use a three-pronged approach to protect you and your investments:


We track more than 900 carefully chosen, high quality companies — including BA, WMT, JNJ, IBM, PEP and CAT — and buy all stocks based on a risk/reward ratio. This insures minimal downside and the best return on your investment.  We follow some of the same principles as Warren Buffett.


Our stock system promotes a diversified portfolio approach designed to keep you fully invested, but also insulated from sharp changes in the stock market.


Members receive access to our active portfolio with all of our current stock picks. Each pick contains a date picked, price picked, a target price and our criteria for selecting it. Whenever new picks are added, we alert our members so they know exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell.

Everything you need is here

When you join, we’ll walk you through our process and teach you exactly how our Stock System works. You will learn the formula for earning profits and reducing risk that makes SPS the most profitable investment system in the world!

You Don’t have To Go It Alone

Stock Picks System gives you everything you need to invest successfully in the stock market — information, tools, and guidance — plus a proven track record for success.

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