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Stock Picks System.com provides individual and professional investors with analysis, news and commentary to help them succeed in today’s stock market.

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Stock Picks System

The Stock Picks System combines fundamental, technical and sector analysis. We find stocks with a desirable risk/reward ratio and put target prices on these stocks that net 70% to 200% annual return for our Stock Picks System. As a member, you will learn our unique model for taking profits and risk management, which makes our Stock Picks System the best performing system in the world! We do 2-3 trades, on average, each week. You will also receive access to our covered calls system where we find the most profitable covered call options for any kind of market conditions.

Our Staff

My name is Tom Degrace and I have had over 10 years of experience analyzing the stock market. In that time, I have seen many investors get hammered in the market due to poor money management and bad information. I have had great success investing in the stock market over the years and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. In April of 2000, I created the Stock Picks System, which is a mechanical trading system that everyone can use. My college experience in the field of business and computer science helped me discover the methods needed to achieve success in investing.

My goal in creating the Stock Picks System was to create a highly profitable but sensible system for buying and selling stocks. I realized that fund managers had superior money management skills but they could never be as nimble as the individual investor.

I find quality stocks based on fundamentals. Most of the stocks we use are within the S&P 500, Dow, and NASDAQ composites. The Stock Picks System is based on picking great companies AT THE RIGHT TIME. That is how we are able to easily double or triple the return of an average investor. Using fundamental, technical and sector analysis correctly is key to achieving excellent results. Each time we pick, we alert our investors after the closing bell that we will be buying a new stock at the opening bell the next day. We also place target prices for every stock pick.

Stock Picks System.com has total of 6 people on the payroll that help update and maintain the website.  Stock Picks System.com has partnerships with many of the leading financial sites on the Internet. Stock Picks System.com is a part of Stock System Inc.

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