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Stock Picks System

Takes all the guesswork out of investing. When you join, you'll have access to our active portfolio with 20-30 current open positions for you to consider.

We'll tell you exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell so that you receive the best returns on your investments.

Specialty Stock Lists

Rock Bottom Portfolio - Companies that are trading at a substantial discount relative to the value of their current asset base. These companies have the potential to return 50%-100% within 6 months.

Stock-to-Avoid Portfolio - Companies that stand a chance of going bust or that may sell off major assets to pay down debt. Their stock should be dumped and/or avoided.

Weekly Report

Be the first, instead of the last, to learn about rallies and market corrections. A complement to other SPS services, the weekly report brings members an economic calendar with highlights of key events, best stock plays, and a report on current Wall Street and economic conditions.

Trading Lessons

Developed by fund managers, our easy-to-understand "investment primers" explain trading indicators, trading strategies, trading patterns, and money management. Anyone can master the skills of chart analysis, technical analysis, trailing stop techniques, the art of selling short, and all techniques needed to invest safely, wisely, and profitably.

SPS Position Manager

Like the market itself, SPS is always changing…evolving to the next level so that we can serve our investors better. Our newest addition is the custom-developed SPS Position Manager. In addition to the features of common portfolio managers, SPS-PM will automatically calculate buy and target prices for our picks and generate an "Alert Email" when those prices are reached.

And Lots More...

In addition to our core services, our members also will have access to covered call plays, synthesized research information, up-to-the-minute stock news, and (of course) quotes.

The Time Is Now..and This Is The Place
There's never been a better time to invest in the market, and there's never been a more practical, easy way to do it than with Stock Picks System.

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