Here are answers to members most commonly asked questions about the StockPicksSystem.

How long are stock picks held?

We hold stocks for an average of 1 1/2 months. Some stocks are only held a matter of days if they rise quickly after we pick them. Each pick has an entry price and target price.

I have seen other sites that give vague buy/sell signals. Do you give exact entry/exit prices for the stocks you pick?

Yes we do give exact signals of when we buy/sell our stock picks. We buy all picks at the opening bell and set a specific target price on each stock we pick.

Does your system require a large investment of time? Do members have to do heavy research or trade during the day, making split second decisions?

We make all picks by 10pm EST. This gives our members plenty of time to enter in their trade before the stock starts to trade again the next day. Our system is easy to learn and follow and does not require any previous trading experience. Required input time is 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

How many stock picks do you do per year?

On average we pick 2-3 stocks per week for use for our Stock Picks System. We also feature stock picks in our Weekly reports. We always have between 20 and 30 stock picks in play at all times. Our portfolio is always diversified into many sectors to keep it balanced. This helps us make profits in any kind of stock market conditions.

Do you trade every stock pick?

I play as many of my own stock picks as possible. Nobody gets in before our premium members and no one gets out before our premium members. So there is no disadvantage that our members get.

Does your system work in a bear market?

We only use stocks that are trading at attractive values relative to their growth. This greatly reduces any downside and works nicely in a bear market. Whether it’s a bull or bear market, we will far exceed the return of the average investor.

How do you explain your success and the large following that you have?

Winning is not achieved by being lucky, it is achieved through a sound money management strategy. Our Stock System combines fundamental, technical, and sector analysis, all in one easy-to-use system. Once you have tasted success, your desire to achieve more is overwhelming. There’s nothing we enjoy more than consistently doubling or tripling the return of the average mutual fund every year. Most investors lose because they are too busy calculating their profits, instead of protecting their downside.

Do your stock picks have options trading on them?

Since most of our stock picks are large cap stocks, nearly all have options trading on them. We also have a covered calls system set up to show our members which stocks we recommend for options trading.

Are commission costs high for using the Stock Picks System?

The average investor should have no problem keeping commission costs between 1% and 5% of their portfolio value. Considering your trading costs are tax deductible, your net commission would be 3.6% if your gross trading costs were 5%.  Check out our recommended brokers to see some low commission online brokers.

I am fully or partially invested in the stock market. What would you recommend I do after subscribing to your Stock Picks System?

People often take on too much risk in their portfolio by having most of their money in a single stock or holding onto losing positions instead of admitting their mistakes. Our Stock Picks System is a smart money management system that everyone can use and follow easily. While selling losing positions may be painful, it is a necessary process to get you back on the right track. Give yourself 1-3 months to analyze and trust in the Stock Picks System. After doing that, it will be easy for you to decide how much you want to invest using the Stock Picks System.

How many stocks do you follow?

I follow over 1000 high quality stocks and pick the best ones to invest in. I look for both growth and value stocks that are trading at a discount. Every single day I check and analyze all of the 1000+ stocks that are followed.

What technique do you use to achieve your impressive results?

Our Stock Picks System is unique. It uses a combination of fundamental, technical, and sector analysis. We never use computer generated results to make picks, because, as a former computer programmer, I know that they can produce misleading results in a dynamic situation like the stock market. Most sites optimize their systems to fit the results they want, rather than using real results. Some even use Intraday highs as exit points for their picks, as if they have a crystal ball and know exactly when to get out of a stock. We don’t use any smoke and mirrors or tricks. Our profits are real.

Are you an investment advisor or a broker?

Neither, we are independent traders with years of experience in the stock markets.

How much available capital do I need to get started using your system?

There is no minimum amount needed to get started using our system.

What exchanges are your picks traded on?

We cover stocks that are traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. While our picks are traded on the U.S. exchanges, a lot of stocks on these exchanges are foreign companies.

Which online broker do you recommend?

Thanks to technology, you are now able to manage a large portfolio of stocks without incurring high commission fees.  There is NO reason why any investor whether new or experienced should fear high commission fees from picking their own stocks.

Zecco.com  I would recommend investors with limited funds use Zecco which gives you 10 FREE Trades Per Month as long as your account is at least $25000.  Trades after that are just $4.50.  There are no inactivity fees.  Zecco and the Stock Picks System are a powerful investment combination.  (International Traders welcome)

FolioInvesting.com Foliofn which will allow you to actively manage unlimited portfolios and place unlimited commission free trades through daily trading windows for a total of only $29.95 a month.  To execute a real-time trade outside the daily trading windows, its $10.00.  FolioFn also has fractional share investing.  With fractional share buying you could buy 1/4 share of a $25 stock for only $6.25. (U.S. accounts only)

TDAmeritrade.com  Both limit and market orders are $9.99 for unlimited shares, no fee IRAs, no maintenance fees, account minimum $2000. (International Traders welcome)

Interactive Brokers.com specializes in international accounts and will allow you to trade in markets around the world from one single account.  Limit & market orders are one cent per share with $1 minimum; $1 for 100 shares.  Account minimum $2000.  ( International Traders welcome)

I’m in a foreign country, will the difference in time zone affect my trading?

No, since we pick all stocks by 10pm EST, you have at least 10 1/2 hours to put your trade in to be bought at the opening bell the next day. Sells are done at predetermined target prices.

Do I trade with my own account or do I need to open an account with you?

We provide our members with trade signals, you will need your own brokerage account to perform the trades.

How do I cancel my membership?

Simple, all you do is contact us via email and your subscription will be canceled immediately.

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